Look no further, you just found the BEST purse organizer!
We've designed a product to make one area of your life a LOT easier! Would you like to change your purse every time you change your outfit with no hassle? Are you always digging around in your purse looking for things and then realize you left it in your other purse?  Worried about protecting that beautiful handbag you just bought?  Problem Solved!

You'll want to keep a Chameleon in your purse ALL THE TIME.

This handy purse insert organizer will be like the lining in your purse. It has just about all the pockets you'll need and will slide right down into your handbag and helps to protect the interior. Keep everything in your purse organized and simply lift it out with all your things intact whenever you need to drop it into the next bag, tote, backpack, briefcase, diaper bag, car console - anywhere!

Watch the video to find out more!
The Chameleon Purse Organizer has a place for makeup and pens
Front View
The Chameleon has two zippered pockets inside
Back View

The Chameleon Features:

  • 16+ Pockets!
  • Pocket for cash or checkbook
  • A zippered pocket for change
  • Pen and/or lipstick holders
  • Pocket for cell phone and/or sunglasses
  • Extra pocket fits a PDA, notebook or anything else you might need!
  • 6 different sizes
  • 10 different colors
  • Our line of "The Takeaway Pocket" purse organizers feature a removable pocket for when you just need the essentials!
  • built-in zippered cosmetic bag
  • 3 credit card/ID pockets inside cosmetic bag (holds 5-7 cards each or a favorite lipstick/gloss)
  • full size side pocket
  • plenty of room in-between for everything else!  
  • Removable Base Shapers in all of our structured purse liners.
  • Then, by using the small handles, just lift it all out and put it in another purse, easy as pie.